Friday, November 18, 2016

Thank You - 2016 re-release

I released my album "Thank You" online on 25 October 2013.  I started the album in 2009 and it took a long time to complete.  By the time it was finished, I had moved overseas, developed vocally and had started a new chapter in my life as a vocal coach.  As a result I didn't spend any time marketing the album. 

It didn't get the attention from me that it deserved.  It was a snapshot of my life during a time of turmoil I didn't want to think back on and to top it off I had a miscarriage during the album's final stages.  I saw it as an ugly "painting" I did and I shoved it away and left it alone.  I wasn't proud of it and didn't consider it my best work.   

Come 2016 and I realised yes, the album may not be a musical masterpiece, but it is real and honest and it tells my deeply personal story, my struggle to survive my past and to overcome my demons.  Its an audio testimony of a life marred by pain and hurt, trying to run away from it, hide from it and to best cope with the emotions of brokenness inside. 

Its a story of ultimately breaking free from the cycle of violent abuse, being able to love completely again, learning to trust, learning to forgive and learning to hope for a future once never seen.   Ultimately learning to forgive myself, accept myself, heal and move on.

Its a celebration of overcoming abuse in all its forms (both physical, emotional and mental) and I've realised that this is something that should be shouted from the rooftops.  Bullying, racism, violence, sexism, classism, elitism, these are all forms of abuse and it is torture for those who have to endure it.

So I've decided to re-release the album through CD Baby this year and will spend a bit more time marketing it and using it to help others.

If this album seems like a juxtaposition, conflicting in style or mismatched then its done its job in reflecting what its like to live with abuse.

I hope this shines a little light into any life that needs it.

If you need an ear, feel free to write to me, sometimes it helps to get things into perspective when you just write it down or talk to a stranger.